What You Need to Administer Targeted Opt in Email Marketing Lists

To construct a prosperous online business you need to build a list of targeted opt in email prospects. List building is the precursor to email marketing. Without a list you have no one to send emails to. The type and frequency of the emails you send to your list comprise email marketing and it is best to learn how to build a list first then how to market to that list. The back-end portion of consumer email marketing is just as important as the list itself.

In this article you will learn the basic tools needed to produce and administrator to a responsive email list.

There are those that will offer to sell you targeted email lists. For instance, if you are selling something tangible or not, buying a list of eBay email addresses might not be a bad idea.

STOP, it is a very bad idea simply because they were not given to you by the owner; but you already knew that. I'm sure you also knew that emailing people from a list you purchased could potentially violate the CAN-spam act of 2003.

Yes … it is considered spamming when you solicited someone through an email address that has not been willingly given to you by its owner.

List building is going to take planning, research and patience on your part because the type of list you build will prove to be either a waste of your time or a big payoff for the products or services you are marketing. The essential aspect of your email marketing campaign needs to be your Landing page.

Sometimes called a capture page, squeeze page or sales page; a landing page is the first page your prospects come to when they click on your link. Your landing page will make or break the start and / or progress of your email list. A landing page can be a squeeze page with brief to the point adcopy that drives prospects to do your bidding. It can also be a sales page that promotes a product and requests the prospect to "purchase now".

I suggest you start with the use of a landing page with a no cost offer to entice prospects to opt-in to your mailing list.

Make sure the content on your landing page not only encourages visitors to signup but that it also is directly related to what your selling or offering.

Before finding a market to build your list around you need to ensure you have a reliable email marketing software that is well known and respected in the Internet marketing community. Also known as a follow up autoresponder; if you do not have a list I suggest using Aweber.com. On the other hand, if you have an existing list an convert to Aweber, Aweber requires the entire list to opt-in again. As a result, you could lose some of your existing opt-ins in the process.

If you currently have a list I suggest using ListBuildPro.com. ListBuilderPro allows you to place their code on your website and integrate it with your current subscriber list.

I do not suggest using a free email autoresponder. There are many low cost autoresponders available however you need to be sure that you compare features and do not underestimate the features you may need in the future.

Email marketing software allows you to:

  • … have prewritten your marketing newsletter ready to go when someone signs up.
  • You can also set the time when you want each letter to be sent.
  • It has anti-spamming filters that allow you to see if most spam blockers will consider words and phrases of your email to be spammy.
  • It shows you where your users opted-in from.
  • Obtain information from their faq's and contents that help you to get the most out of their many features.
  • Set up sales channels where you can track your conversions.
  • Segment your incoming opt-in list.

For instance, if you have a golf niche, you may have men's and women's Golf apparel. Your opt-in can be setup to have customers specify via a checkbox what they prefer. Based on that information the software puts their email information in the appropriate category which has your prewritten emails on auto pilot.

For web hosting I use Midphase.com but there are other hosting services that are just as reliable for around the same price.

Remember, your landing page and no cost offer is used to entice targeted prospects to sign up to your marketing newsletter. You will make your marketing campaign easier to administrator if you have the email marketing software and at least 5 newsletters set up and ready to go when your market signals up.

Building a responsive opt in direct email lists can boost your businesses exposure. Also, building lists can be your core business in multiple markets. Email marketing in multiple markets has the potential to earn you thousands of dollars per website per month.

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