Internet Marketing – The Affiliate Way

Internet Marketing is also called Internet advertising. Consumers receive promotional marketing messages via the Internet. This includes several different things: search engine marketing, social media marketing, email marketing, mobile advertising and display advertising (including web banners). Online advertising involves the publisher and the advertiser. The publisher integrates the system and the advertiser provides the advertisements on the publisher's content. There are also advertising agencies, ad servers and advertising affiliates.

Online advertising (Internet Marketing) is a rapidly growing business. Cable television was surpassed by online advertising revenues and it almost surpassed broadcast television in 2011. Advertising revenue in the United States in 2012 was $ 36.57 billion. That was an increase of 15.2% over 2011.

You were not allowed to do online advertising in the early days of the Internet.

On May 3, 1978 email was the first publicly publicized online advertising. The first email was sent by Gary Thurek of DEC (Digital Equipment Corporation) advertising his new DEC computer model. This ever became known as "spam."

On January 18, 1994 the first large-scale non-commercial spam message was sent by a religious group. The next was a law firm promoting legal services four months later. And the rest is history because the flood gates opened.
Another way to do Internet marketing is to do display ads. This began in the early 1990's. Global Network Navigator was the first clickable web ad in 1993. They're a Silicon Valley law firm. Would not you know it would be Silicon Valley to do it. Wired Magazine sold banner ads to AT & T and other companies. The clickers were not directed to AT & T, they were directed to seven of the world's most acclaimed art museums.

Search ads were next way to do Internet marketing., which was later (renamed Overture in 2001 and then acquired by Yahoo! in 2003) created the first advertising keyword auction in 1998. In 2002, Google launched its "AdWords" advertising program.

There are different delivery methods in advertising when using Internet marketing. They are Web banners, Frame ad (which is the traditional way), Pop-ups / pop-unders, floating, expanding, trick banners, interstitial ads, text ads and the list goes on and on.

There are many compensation methods. There are CPC (cost per click), CPM (cost per mille or Cost per 1,000), other performance-based compensation and fixed cost. I'm not going into detail here.

The benefits of online advertising or Internet marketing is it costs less than advertising on cable television. It is much easier to measure your effectiveness and audience response. It also offers better returns. You can also see if when your customer clicks on your announcement whether or not it resolved in a sale. On television you can not measure that.

Formatting is another way to be compensated. They can split test ads to see which one sells better. It can be interactive and you can advertise on social media, ie Facebook, Twitter, etc.

With Internet marketing you can target your audience. You can set preferences when you set up the ad to go to specific geography, male or female, age group and the list goes on and on. You can then tweak your ad or completely revamp it depending on your results. You can also target a particular city, state, region or country.

You can also set your ads to go out immediately or at different times. They even know when the best time to send an ad to someone to ensure it will be read by more people. Ads can be replaced immediately if need be.

There are privacy concerns and whether or not the advertisers are trustworthy but there are too many to mention here. There is also spam which can happen without notice and can harm your computer system or network. The thing is to be careful when selecting an internet based business.

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