Blogging for Cash

Imagine being at the top of Google for not just one target Keyword or Phrase, but for hundreds of different topics, just think of the difference that would make to your business, income and lifestyle. Developing a successful blogging website is like taking a chainsaw to your competitors rankings, it just leaves them in tatters and you on top. The key to killer execution of blogging is knowing your subject area, but that's easy for you right? you work in it all day long, you read the publications and stay on-top of industry news, well that's all you need to do, spend 15 to 30 mins a day reading and absorbing. With that in place you're well set to become blogging superstar in your niche. There are two methods to writing a blog post: plan and execute or the "free write" for years I have been a plan and execute kind of guy, its reliable, you produce good articles full of content that ticks the boxes. But now I turbo charge with the "free write" method.

I set a topic and bang, I write for 10 mins solid, just empty your brain into the keyboard, no editing allowed, do not even look at what your typing. Then just go back the next day and edit it up, go through and edit the title, content etc keeping in mind you SEO keywords and Key-phrases that you are targeting. But do not kill the article it has to read well, readability trumps SEO every time. Give it a go and it will blow you away, no skills required. You do, however, need inspiration and topics, that is the hardest thing of all, for this just check out blog rss feeds and industry forums, what is hot in your field? Write about that, this will keep your blog fresh and relevant, you can also then jump into conversations and drive people to your blog article. SEO and Active traffic in one shot. So you have written and edited your first article – now its time to rock the SEO to the max! Upload it to your blogging system of choice, more on that in other articles. If your going to rip it up you need to get maximum exposure for your content. So publish then promote, push it out through social media outlets such as; Facebook, Twitter, Tumbler, Q & A, Digg, StumbleUpon and Squidoo, etc and send it out via email to your subscribers while at your it.

You will be building interest and building back links, and why not film a short video on it and upload it to your tube channel, you can use that on your site too, it's going to be great. You are creating mountains of content in an easy way with very little effort. Now when you publish its critical that have anchor text for your links that are your keywords and keyphrases, do not be a chump and link on click here, link on your keywords. It's also a great idea to go through the article and link "in context" keywords to the relevant section of your website. If you're using WordPress which I recommend then I would use SEO Smartlinks Plugins to help you with this, why work hard if you do not have to. This internal linking is little used SEO magic. Now I also like to have a standard footer on all my blog content so that I know I have included keywords, tags and a call to action on my blog posting so anyone who stumble upon it can get drawn into my marketing funnel. I do this by creating the standard footer in an HTML editor, this will include video, a sign up form etc, I then keep that HTML code in word document, so when I am publishing I have it ready to go, just copy and past it in and publish hay presto. You need to do this too. Thanks for your time and now lets go blogging for cash.

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