Avoid These 3 Internet Marketing Mistakes As If Your Life Depended On It

In this powerful article I am going to cover 3 vital mistakes you must avoid if you want to build a huge and successful online business. It is great that you have a dream and a vision for building a business, but if you are not careful, you will land on these potential landmines. My goal is to help you avoid them.

Your Copy Must Be Excellent

The first mistake that many marketers make is not writing effective copy on their websites. When people land on your site, it is vital that they are amazed by what they see. You can not afford to have borrowing language that simply says, "Welcome to my site." That kind of dull written copy is not going to make anyone stay.

You need to use power words that communicate excitation such as, "In the next 60 seconds you will discover the secrets to losing 20 pounds in the next 30 days." As you can see, the first example was dull, while the second example sounds a lot more intriguing. So, I highly recommend that you invest in books or courses that will teach you an effective direct response style of writing which will make your visitors want to take immediate action.

Do not Forget To Build A List

The second mistake you need to avoid if you want to run an effective business is to not forget to build a list of permission based prospects who you can contact frequently. It has been proven over and over again that the top marketers build massive lists of names and e-mails. If you plan to make it big, you must start collecting the names and e-mail addresses of your visitors starting today.

The fastest way to build a list is to offer your visitors some type of free report that educates them on a subject they are interested in. For example, if you are operating a site that teachers people how to get six-pack abs, then you might want to write a short, free report that teaches them the best foods to eat to achieve the six-pack abs. The point is to create a free gift that will make people want to leave you their information. You will be able to generate repeat sales and visitors to your site based on this list, and this is absolutely golden.

Create A Traffic Plan

The third and final mistake I want to cover here that you must avoid is not having a traffic generating plan. If you do not have traffic to your site, you can not even think about generating sales. It is really that simple. You can not operate any business successfully if no one is looking at what you offer.

An effective traffic generation plan will involve using multiple methods. You can not rely just on one strategy. Once you pick 3 to 5 methods, you now have to implement those methods on a daily basis, understanding that, because of the compounding effect of your efforts, over time, if you are consistent, you will multiply your traffic exponentially.


I want you to be successful, and because of this I want to challenge you to do everything in your power to avoid these business landmines. You really have no excuse when it comes to avoiding these mistakes now that I have made you aware of them. Your success is around the corner.

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